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Coating Plates

Market Leader in Coating Plates in the UK

We have the widest range of products available so you can choose what is best for your specific application.

Coating plates are mainly used for in-line or off-line finishing of lithographic print. More and more offset presses are supplied with one or even more coaters. In-line varnishing with coating plates offers a unique, cost effective way of enhancing print impact. We have got all you ever need to get the best results from your coating station.

We do supply plates for all presses, whether Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, MAN-Roland or any other. We also supply for and can advise on use on web presses and off-line coaters.

Benefits of Coating Plates

Photopolymer coating plates offer many operational and quality benefits over strippable blankets:

Accurate fit and register with better reproducibility

Re-usable for a number of print runs

Significantly lower risk of delamination

Longer length of run

Excellent varnish transfer

Use for spot varnish applications

Coating Plate portfolio from Victory Graphics

We can advise on which of the different types of plates best suits your application:

Standard plate for most UV or water based varnish with very good transfer properties

Metal backed plates for highest accuracy registration to provide excellent fit, used particularly in pharma packaging and for luxury drinks cartons, often Whisky

Specific coating plates for high gloss UV or very matt and soft touch varnish

Coating plates based on Kodak NX with specially designed surface structures to match larger volume anilox rollers