Flexo Services | Victory Graphics
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Flexo Services

Victory Graphics provide the full spectrum of support for printers, agencies and brands, from artwork generation to plate supply throughout the UK. We also offer proofing, 3D modelling and mock-ups as well as press side support to optimize print results.


All too often a design agency will create an attractive design concept that looks great on screen but not so good on press. The process is often lengthy, expensive and the end result can be very disappointing.

Our experienced design team combine their creative flare with their experience of the complete flexo print process. Put this together with our technical knowledge of your press and you are left with not only an attractive design but one that will actually work well at print stage. This streamlined process is not only cost effective but also time efficient, satisfying both you & your client.

Artwork / Repro

Our experienced team of artworkers also perform repro at artwork stage. This gives you & your client the opportunity to view a proof that will represent the final print, including all the necessary repro. Screened pdfs are also available to highlight the effect your screen ruling will make to the design.

This streamlined, one hit process is both cost & time efficient.

90% of all artworks are generated with 24 hours.

Colour Management

We understand that good colour management is crucial for visual impact, brand consistency & potential cost savings through fixed palette printing.

We also understand that a combination of experienced staff & the best quality equipment has a vital part to play.

Our V-Print technology offers a plate that delivers a consistent ink lay down every time and our GMG Opencolor proofing system ensures not only proofs are correct to the initial press evaluation fingerprint but enables us to constantly review live print samples to detect any changes in press set up & wear over time. This enables us to ensure our proofing profiles are always current to your press setup.

3D Modelling & Mock ups

Visualise your packaging in digital 3D prior to going to print via our 3D rendering service.

If you wish to go to the next level we can produce a fully printed mock up on a variety of substrates to give you the ultimate proof.

victory graphics flexo plate with eye glass

Flexo Plates

Recent innovations in platemaking technology are now enabling flexo to challenge the print processes of both litho & gravure. Previously reduced colour gamuts, ink densities and vignettes that fade to zero have challenged flexo printing. Due to our investment in our V-Print plate and advanced plate surface screening technologies, we can now overcome these issues.

Whether your requirement is a simple “this way up” arrow to be printed on a low grade corrugated liner, a previously printed high quality litho or flexo preprint you wish to convert to corrugated postprint, previously printed gravure to be converted to wide format flexo or a small format label, we have a plate to suit your needs.

Our plates range in a variety of shore hardnesses from very soft to suit low grade corrugated to hard to suit flexo & label work.

Our plate thicknesses range from 045thou (1.14mm) up to 250thou (6.35mm)

Customer Services / Technical support

We pride ourselves on the quality of our technical customer services & feel this sets us apart from our competition. Not only will technical advice be offered but good levels of communication to ensure your deadlines are met every time.

Very often our clients will send us an artwork & ask if they can print it. Our technical knowledge enables us to offer this advice from the initial customer services communication. Where needed we will provide a “mock up” file to demonstrate compromises that will need to be made to suit your press. All of this is a fast tracked process that enables you to receive concept approval from your client before the job even goes live. This added value process can save both you & your client time & money.

As well as artwork technical support we can offer press side support to work in partnership with you to ensure the best possible print is achieved every time. Press side support is available for initial press evaluation fingerprinting & live job support.