Making waves through flexo print | Victory Graphics
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Making waves through flexo print

Victory Graphics & Caps Cases – For Macfarlane Packaging / The Rake

Victory Graphics; making waves Through flexo print on the South-Coast


Portsmouth based Victory Graphics continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved printing flexographically, as corrugated post-print.


Working in association with Newmarket based Caps Cases, to a brief from Macfarlane Packaging, Victory have taken the limits of the latest Kodak Flexcel NX plate technology even further.


Combining photographic quality, with highlights and deep shadows onto a single plate, Victory provided Caps with a plate capable of matching a litho plate for visual quality, whilst reducing print overheads by a third, and significantly decreased lead-times.

Providing the client, The Rake, with high quality packaging; sustainably sourced and produced with plant based inks at a viable unit cost, Victory and Caps have raised the standard for what is achievable with Flexo printing.


For their efforts, Victory and Caps have a received a Silver award from The Global Flexo Innovations Awards – taking the highest accolade achievable whilst working within 2 areas of innovation excellence.


Victory continue to strive for further excellence, providing high-quality reprographic services, whilst embracing the latest technology and sustainability management, whilst maintaining their unique vision and business model, encompassing a personal approach to all their clients, helping them to produce print of the highest quality.