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Kodak NX

Kodak Flexcel NX System 16 – going beyond Flat Top Dot

After thorough evaluation, Victory have chosen to invest in Kodak Flexcel NX technology as it has shown to be the best imaging system available to drive print quality to the next level. Operating a large format 50” x 80” unit, we can supply any plate size required.

We would like to also convince you about the significant improvements in quality and the cost savings you can realise. Please contact us so we can arrange a demonstration.


in colour reproduction is so important because it facilitates achieving the same result time after time. Kodak Flexcel NX takes HD Flat Top Dots to the next level with its true 1 to 1 reproduction from digital file to physical plate structure, enabling true print consistency. Digicap surface structuring can be applied to all print areas including very small dots, aiding a metering of ink for each print element. The Digicap feature allows tailoring of this structure to specific print requirements and press specifications. Lower and more consistent dot gain is the result.


Higher ink densities throughout the full tonal range enable a significantly enhanced colour gamut.

Fine highlight detail is reproduced consistently allowing smooth fades to zero.

Reverse outs are exceptional and extend the print range to high coverage.

Combination of Line and Tone without compromise to print.

Digicap can remove the need for “Double Hits” to achieve required densities and cover pinholes.

All of this allows a reduction in spot colours and increased use of fixed pallet CMYK printing.


Ink savings from better ink transfer of the plate leading to more even coverage.

Higher press speeds due to quicker ink drying. We have observed astounding effects.

Plates need less cleaning and associated with reduction in inking-up

Longer lasting plates, often up to 2 times and more the number of impressions

Reduced make ready time due to fewer plates for a given print


While Kodak NX is well established for example in wide web flexibles and label printing, its benefits in corrugated print are less well known.

On a standard press for corrugated board, we produced a 4 colour trial, combining line and tone elements on 4 NX plates and printing using standard CMYK post print inks.


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